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The Good Sheppard Foundation

Last night I was one of 8 comics who got together at the Hamilton Yuk Yuks to raise money for an organization who helps the homeless, the Good Sheppard Foundation. It was a good show, the people in the audience who approached me afterwards were very complimentary. Especially the older fellow in the men’s washroom… […]

Here are my two little ones, who are not so little anymore. Not only are they cute kids, but they both have a wonderful sense of humour 

The last seven weeks have been fantastic at the Fox and Fiddle. We have had at least 25 people, by people I mean not comics, in the audience. While some of them are friends or family of the comedians, a lot are just wandering in off the street. What people are doing out at 10:00pm […]

Comedy Legend…

If you ever get a chance to watch Mike MacDonald perform, do it. He is an absolute must see. On Thursday September 8th I went to the Mississauga Yuk Yuks. Being that I am not a Yuk’s comic, it is not a place I normally go. But when I was surfing around all the comedy […]


My website is finally done. Much thanks goes to my web designer Malinda. She not only did a great job, but also was very patient with me. It took awhile to get the video together and for her to answer all my questions. If anyone is interested in getting some information from her about a […]

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