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In Vancouver…

This trip is a vacation. Lynette and I arrived in Vancouver on Boxing day. Day 1: Check into the very nice Best Western by the Sands Hotel. Frank, Lynette’s Bio-Dad, took us for a tour of Granville Island. We walked through the different stores and relaxed in the Granville Brewery. That evening we had a […]

Feels good to be home

My Western comedy tour is finished. It is nice to be home and sleeping in my own bed. I love going out west; making new friends and working the fantastic crowds there. This time however, I really missed my family and pillows. Pillows you say? The pillow is a huge factor in how I sleep. […]

in Slave Lake Alberta

We arrived in Slave Lake early in the afternoon. The 3-hour drive went by quickly as the weather was clear and unlike the roads in Ontario, there was no traffic and no construction. This trip I have been teamed up with comic Tim Kebasek. Again I have been fortunate, as he is a funny guy […]

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