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Day Three was RELAXING

No time on the road today. Instead I slept in until 9:00 then went for breakfast. The restaurant is about a 900 m walk from the Econo Lodge where I am staying. While I enjoy the stroll, I worry about crossing the 4 lanes of busy one-way traffic in front of the hotel. Add to […]

Day Two was Ok.

The Weather Network: It is the first channel I turn to when I am touring Alberta. I was relieved to see that is was going to be a clear day with zero chance of precipitation. Then I turned to TSN to see how the Leafs did. Well, at the least the weather was going to […]

Day One was HELL!

Three hours sleep – That is all I got before I had to wake up and go to the airport. Not a big deal really. I knew I had the monthly show at the Fox & Fiddle in Mississauga the night before I was leaving. I also knew that is was a late show and […]

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