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Red Carpet Comedy in Calgary

Let me start off by saying I had a fantastic time at Donovan Deschner’s Red Carpet Comedy. This show is comprised of mostly professional touring comics who are instructed to do NEW material. By new, he means never done on stage before. To police this, he has installed a Staples “EASY BUTTON” on stage and […]

Saskatoon is always a good time

Had lots of fun performing at the Park Town Hotel; the crowds and the staff are great. This makes me especially happy as I will be spending 5-weeks in Saskatoon doing corporate Christmas shows starting in mid-November. This is why I wanted to walk the area and see what was around. I brought my camera […]

Red Deer Alberta…

BIG THANKS to Jen Halliday for giving us a drive to the airport so we could pick up our rental car. If you are looking for GREAT deals on rental cars, I highly recommend going through I got a 3-day rental for $12.00/ day. When I got the keys and saw I was getting […]

Movie Night…

With no show on Tuesday night, Nile Seguin and I were looking to get out of the Blackfoot Inn. Our friend Angela invited us over to her place for dinner and a movie with her and her friend Jen.Dinner turned out to be pizza and wings from Pizza 73. Let me tell you, they make […]

While on tour, one of the perks is meeting new comics. You can never have too many friends and networking in this business is oh so very important. Sometimes it is nice to reconnect with comedians that you have worked with in the past. Over the last two years when I have come out west […]

Fighting boredom in Calgaryland

Casey Corbin and Nile Seguin arrived in Calgary today. Friends can always help in the battle against bordom. Casey hadn’t seen Zombieland. I had not seen it. Nile didn’t care to see it. So Casey and I hopped in a taxi and made our way to Scotiabank Theatre in the Chinook Centre. (FLASHBACK): In the […]

Comedy Monday Night…

I should have brought my camera to Calgary’s best open mic comedy show. Not to record my sub-par set, but there were so many out of town professional comedians at the show. Add to that all the local pros and new comers… I would have really added to my photo album. Last time I was […]

Always a good time in Regina

On Friday I had to drive 782 kms from Calgary to Regina. Thankfully, the comic I was driving up with made it an enjoyable journey. Steven Ditata is not only a funny comedian onstage, but a very funny man offstage. It wasn’t fair for me as a non-smoker who was driving the vehicle to emotional […]

I would NOT kiss the Blarney Stone

Well… I wouldn’t kiss the bar called The Blarney Stone in Lethbridge Alberta. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice place; Just not the favorite comedy venue for comedians touring Western Canada. Personally I like performing in a bar like this. It is not an easy show and who doesn’t like a challenge? With […]

Giving a little something back

Last night I was asked by Lars Callieou to do a little workshop with the amateur comedians in Edmonton at the Comic Strip in Edmonton. This is something I have no trouble volunteering my time to do. It was just over eight and a half years ago when I got my start doing standup comedy. […]

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