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Off to Long Beach to become Inspired…

Each home port you go to has their own subtle differences. The Port of Long Beach was one of the smoothest and easiest entries (phrasing!!!) I have experienced. The security staff was smiling and happy. They even asked me to deliver a Motorola two-way radio battery to the ship. “That’ll be $20 please:, I joked. […]

Not one of my favorite hotels…

A comedian who travels a lot sees many things on the road and stays in a multitude of hotels, motels and inns. Some times the most expensive hotels can leave a bad taste in your mouth and then there are times that those cheap little out of the way places make you feel so comfortable […]

The Valor in St.Maarten

I love the island of St. Maarten. Of all the places I have visited in the Caribbean this is where I want to retire. Just get a sail boat, grow old with my wife and eventually fall overboard, break my hip and drown. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

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