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Always on high alert…

  When I travel I always tend to have my head on a swivel. Something the military beats into you that you never seem to forget nor want to. Overnighting in Belize puts my brain on high alert especially after the shooting of a NCL crew member in Roatan last week.   So far the […]

Tendering in Belize

When you leave a ship in Belize (not sure where that is? Click here) you have to take a smaller ship called a “tender” to the port. Why? In this case it is because the second largest barrier reef in the world, which I believe is called The Not-soGreat-but-still-pretty-good Barrier Reef, is located off the […]

Good ole Cozumel

    Cozumel is one of my favourite ports. Why? It has a bit of everything. If you want to lay on a beach, drink in a bar, shop in stores, dive in the ocean, swim with dolphins, pet a sting ray or just hide out in a Chinese food restaurant with a strong wifi […]

A FUN day at sea…

While the guests have a great time around the ship in the casino, doing trivia games, singing karaoke, etc,  the staff & crew works their butts off ensuring that fun is happening.    For me, one of the fly-on comedians, it is a day to fight boredom until my shows later that night. That battle […]


    These are days where I wake up in a bed knowing that I won’t be sleeping there again for awhile. Travel days are the most stressful and annoying time for me as a comedian and overall they are not that bad but the more ineptitude and ignorance I see the harder it is […]

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