A FUN day at sea…

While the guests have a great time around the ship in the casino, doing trivia games, singing karaoke, etc,  the staff & crew works their butts off ensuring that fun is happening. 


For me, one of the fly-on comedians, it is a day to fight boredom until my shows later that night. That battle can take place quietly in my cabin by writing jokes, reading books or watching the immense amount of movies/TV shows that accompany me… Or I go to the gym. 


I love and hate the gym at the same time. It is always a good feeling to work out so hard that you are going to throw up. Sometimes I forget how old I am and work out like I am in my 20’s and inevitably injure/sprain/strain something. What annoys the hell out of me are those individuals that don’t know to wipe down the machines after using them. Holy crap! You have just sweated all over a piece of exercise equipment. You have literally covered it in your repulsive perspiration and you walk away without cleaning it up? So nasty…. Which I why I wipe them before and after I use them as well as gargling with the hand sanitizer.


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