Always on high alert…


When I travel I always tend to have my head on a swivel. Something the military beats into you that you never seem to forget nor want to. Overnighting in Belize puts my brain on high alert especially after the shooting of a NCL crew member in Roatan last week.


So far the greatest threat to my safety was this…

Lunch on the patio copy

While it looks wonderfully delicious (and it was), they serve the chicken to you raw and you have to wait for it to cook on the extremely hot stone. Trouble is they only give you one fork. We all know that you should never use the same  fork that is used on raw chicken to eat with. You must wash it in HOT water to kill the salmonella. Some how I managed to cook it and eat it without contamination. I will closely monitor my #2’s over the next day or so. Don’t worry, there will be NO pictures of that.

The second greatest threat to my personal well being while at the Princess Hotel and Casino was this…


The elevators made such weird noises and banged hard at the top and bottom I decided it was best to simply take the stairs. The risk of being stuck in that death trap lead to a pretty good leg work out as I am on the 6th floor. 

Other viable & serious threats included the following:


Killed in a stampede.


Death by falling coconuts.

Have a safe day where ever you are.

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