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In-The-Way Douchebag!

When you are on a plane that has a smaller overhead storage area, those with full size carry-on luggage are required to sky-check that bag. They tag it, you leave it at the bottom of the jetway or on a cart before you board the plane. This is very easy, however there are “people” who […]

Listen up! New website is here!

  Really liking this new website. So easy to navigate and it looks sharp. Big thanks to Josh Haddon for doing it for me. If you need a redesign or a new site email him at .   Guess this means I will have to start blogging again. Might end up trying to go back […]

Always on high alert…

  When I travel I always tend to have my head on a swivel. Something the military beats into you that you never seem to forget nor want to. Overnighting in Belize puts my brain on high alert especially after the shooting of a NCL crew member in Roatan last week.   So far the […]

Tendering in Belize

When you leave a ship in Belize (not sure where that is? Click here) you have to take a smaller ship called a “tender” to the port. Why? In this case it is because the second largest barrier reef in the world, which I believe is called The Not-soGreat-but-still-pretty-good Barrier Reef, is located off the […]

Good ole Cozumel

    Cozumel is one of my favourite ports. Why? It has a bit of everything. If you want to lay on a beach, drink in a bar, shop in stores, dive in the ocean, swim with dolphins, pet a sting ray or just hide out in a Chinese food restaurant with a strong wifi […]

A FUN day at sea…

While the guests have a great time around the ship in the casino, doing trivia games, singing karaoke, etc,  the staff & crew works their butts off ensuring that fun is happening.    For me, one of the fly-on comedians, it is a day to fight boredom until my shows later that night. That battle […]


    These are days where I wake up in a bed knowing that I won’t be sleeping there again for awhile. Travel days are the most stressful and annoying time for me as a comedian and overall they are not that bad but the more ineptitude and ignorance I see the harder it is […]

Having some photo phun!

Trying to show some before and after photos I have been having fun with. When I am traveling and stuck sitting in an airport lounge these are the kinds of things I do to kill time. Take a really good photo and tweak the colouring, brightness levels and shadows.  Enjoy

While on the Carnival Magic, the keyboard player Jeremy asked me if I wanted to do a photo shot. I said yes, but only if he could make me look pretty. Well, that is impossible, but here are a few pictures he took. I think he did a great job with what he had to […]

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