Good ole Cozumel



Cozumel is one of my favourite ports. Why? It has a bit of everything. If you want to lay on a beach, drink in a bar, shop in stores, dive in the ocean, swim with dolphins, pet a sting ray or just hide out in a Chinese food restaurant with a strong wifi signal, Cozumel has it.IMAG2590

The picture above was taken in Three Amigo’s! Definitely my favourite bar to have a cold glass of beer and/or a shot of Tequila. The owner and staff goes out of their way to make the ships staff and crew feel welcome and wobbly.



This picture was taken outside of the Tequila Boutique. This store boasts having 350 types of tequila but I could only sample 120 of them…

LKB Thirsty cougar


This is my lovely wife Lynette enjoying an Avocado Fruiterita at The Thirsty Cougar which is just down the street from the Tequila Boutique. How much alcohol is in that beverage? A LOT! Thankfully the taxi drivers in Cozumel don’t care if you are carrying an unconscious person into their vehicle, they just ask: “Back seat or trunk?”



One day while in Mexico I was tricked into going to a donkey show. I decided I had to save the donkey and bring him back to Three Amigo’s where he now lives a happy life posing for pictures with cruise ship guests and working security at the port.

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