In-The-Way Douchebag!

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When you are on a plane that has a smaller overhead storage area, those with full size carry-on luggage are required to sky-check that bag. They tag it, you leave it at the bottom of the jetway or on a cart before you board the plane. This is very easy, however there are “people” who try in vain to jam their bag into space that is far too small. This holds up the boarding process because now this “person” has to try to walk against the flow of the other travelers to bring their bag back out to where they were just minutes ago…. IN-THE-WAY DOUCHEBAG!

The real fun is retrieving the luggage. In an ideal world the passengers would line up along the right side of the jetway so that A) everyone can pass by easily. B) there is a space to put the bags out so all in line can see. This is where the TRUE douchebag is revealed. When a “person” walks out and sees a line up already started but STILL chooses to line up on the left side like they are above every other person in the world… this is where I stand up for my fellow human being and say something. The self absorbed moron above did this. In a nice and friendly tone I informed him that he might want to move to the right side so to avoid being trampled. He told me he was fine where he was. At that moment, as if she was hiding around the corner a Delta employee asked him to please move to the other side. He did not move. She asked him again. He ignored her. Everyone in the area is uncomfortably watching this happen. Not me, I chime in, “She asked you nicely to move… you are in the way buddy!”

He just stands there avoiding eye contact.

My bag gets place on the floor. I bump his shoulder on the way to get my bag and as I walk past him again I tell him in a loud clear voice, “You are IN-THE-WAY DOUCHEBAG!”

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