Not one of my favorite hotels…

A comedian who travels a lot sees many things on the road and stays in a multitude of hotels, motels and inns. Some times the most expensive hotels can leave a bad taste in your mouth and then there are times that those cheap little out of the way places make you feel so comfortable and welcome.

When I heard that I would be staying in Los Angeles Airport Marriott I got a bit excited. The Marriott has high standards and rather rigorous quality control. I know this because one of my comic friends works for them and I have stayed in quite a few in Canada and the US.

First off, the servers in the restaurants, the cleaning staff and the concierge guys are wonderfully friendly along with the THIRD front desk person I finally saw. The first two were, how do I put this, pricks! If you know me, I walk around with a smile on my face, even after flying from Jamaica to Charlotte NC to Los Angeles then in an over stuffed shuttle I still grin. The attitude I got from the nasty night manager and then in the morning from the bitchy desk lady with really great hair was unbelievable. Yes I understand there was a little mix up with the reservation from the company that booked it, but damn people. Why do I get dirty looks and eye rolling. I complained to the third desk person Michelle who apologized profusely… and called me darling. All was forgiven.

LA Marriott

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