Off to Long Beach to become Inspired…

Each home port you go to has their own subtle differences. The Port of Long Beach was one of the smoothest and easiest entries (phrasing!!!) I have experienced. The security staff was smiling and happy. They even asked me to deliver a Motorola two-way radio battery to the ship.

“That’ll be $20 please:, I joked.

“Do you want me to put on the latex glove?” The agent replied with an evil grin.

Off I ran…

Now this will be the second 3 day cruise of my time on the ships. This time I am on the Carnival Inspiration. They are fondly referred to as a BOOZE CRUISE. There are guests who will arrive at the boat intoxicated and never stop drinking their entire time on board. This can make things rather interesting for the comic. I have been heckled at a family show. Talk about being handcuffed. One really has to mind their responses when the front row is filled with 9 year olds. Especially when those 9 year olds are drunk!

clg Inspiration june 2013

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