Meet Jason Blanchard

Jason Blanchard is an ex-soldier, ex-husband and ex-tremely funny! After growing up in a typical small town, this friendly and energetic comedian has matured into a versatile headlining comic entertainer who was toured all over the globe. Jason has the ability to be corporate clean or cunningly crude, adapting to any venue: Comedy Clubs, Corporate Events, Colleges & Universities, Festivals, Fundraisers, Cruise Ships and Military Bases.

As a former paratrooper, he was so excited and honored to be chosen to go to Kandahar & Kabul Afghanastan to perform for the brave men & women who are serving there. Jason has been heard on XM Satellite Ratio and is the host, producer & creator of the Jason Blanchard Presents Next to the Mic and the Canadian Comedy Award nominated standup comedy contest Stand Up & BITE Me and on BITE TV.

Jason Blanchard
Jason Blanchard
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Jason Blanchard
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